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John Lashley - your (CTO) Chief Technology Officer

Vision / Mission

August 01, 2014 · No Comments

To live life completely, honestly, and passionately in serving the needs of others to the best of my ability.
This will be realized in following way:
  • To start each day by remembering where I can from
  • To enjoy physical and mental health through practice
  • To maintain consistency between my words and my actions
  • To be passionate to inspire others, earn their respect, and always serve out of love
  • To energize innovative organizations by modeling the best practices in business performance and personal integrity
  • To experience enjoyment in my work by being full of initiative, accepting challenges continuously, and commitment to life-long learning

To go any place I have not been; to do anything I have not done; and to always live life without limits.

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Statement of Values

June 01, 2014 · No Comments

  • To always have respect for the individual;
  • To treat our customers / clients with Honesty and Integrity;
  • To offer the best of ourselves in the pursuit of mutual goals and building close relationships while taking the time to celebrate our accomplishments;
  • To commit ourselves to continuous learning and listening to our customers / clients; and
  • To always remember that a customer / client is the next person inline of a process.

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Brand Statement

May 01, 2014 · No Comments

"Linking Technology, Design, and Best Practices to Business Success"

To help professionals and companies make the most of technology through passion, hard work, and due diligence; to help inspire individuals to unlock their potential to energize innovative organizations to be the best they can be; using my insights, creativity, and innovative thinking, I promise to help my clients realize their business goals.


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Hello World!

February 22, 2014 · No Comments

Hello! and welcome to my blog. This is my first post just to see how things are working

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